Old Age Homes / Shelter Home

Jacob Javed is a family run old home setup in Karachi. This old home has staff of the highest quality who are totally committed to ensuring residents’ health, happiness and emotional well-being 24/7. The aim is to help residents have fun and fully enjoy their stay. There are many activities at our old home, such as outings, visits to local shops, board games, quality food, restaurant nights, etc.

Our Services

Our care packages are based on a person-centered approach. Our staff have been selected for their experience and more importantly, because of their dedication and commitment to ensuring that all old home residents have a happy and fulfilling life.


  • Day Care
  • Meals & Refreshments
  • Doctor if required
  • Furniture
  • Smoking not permitted
  • Close to Local shops
  • Near Public Transport
  • Wheelchair Access
  • Phone Point in own room/Mobile
  • Television point in own room and also
  • Trained nurse supervision
  • ICU Care


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